Word Search Adventure

A word search app with thousands of words



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With Word Search Adventure, you can forget about needing paper and pencil to do word searches. Now, you can play your favorite game no matter where you are on this word search app. With this app, you'll have access to a seemingly infinite selection of word search puzzles with tons of words in almost 20 languages.

The gameplay in this app is very simple, since it's based on traditional word search games. Below the puzzle, you'll see a list of the words you're trying to find among the mess of letters randomly placed at the top. Once you find all the words, you'll advance to the next level. And as you beat the levels, the puzzles will get harder and harder.

To mark the words when you find them, just slide your finger over the whole word, from the first letter to the last. The word will be automatically highlighted in a color on the table and crossed out on the bottom of the screen to show that it's already been found. The table can be a simple 5x5 grid or become as big as 15x15. All you have to do is keep advancing step by step, and the difficulty will keep increasing each time.

The table is totally customizable, from the color and sounds to the font, as well as the language of the game. You can play in your native language or try playing in other languages to improve your vocabulary with Word Search Adventure, a fun app with which you can do word searches whenever and wherever you want.
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